Security Cameras Service

Celitek Solutions counts with a great team of technicians that make possible accomplishing the following goals when providing CCTV Security Camera service:


Detect and identify weaknesses and problems:

At the initial interview, we emphasize in collecting a very comprehensive level of understanding of your security needs. We pay close attention to details. After we ensure we have all the details we might need, then we make suggestions and recommendations very carefully. We then provide you with some education about the equipment proposed so as to ensure you have a real understanding of what you are getting, its value, and how you can benefit from it.



When installing your system our technicians put a lot of interest in performing a very clean and professional installation. Our main focus is on making sure every detail is covered to the letter, and following the guidelines and appropriate procedure to provide you with the level of security and professionalism that meets and/or exceeds your expectations.


Initial Training:

Once the installation of your system is finished, we perform a training session for people who will be using the security system. This session covers, but is not limited to, end-user operation of the system, remote operation from a computer application or an internet browser, and remote operation from a mobile device or Smartphone. Additional training sessions may be held upon request.


Technical Support:

As well as in our CCTV equipment, we offer a 1-year warranty in the installation. Therefore, our technicians are compromised to provide you with the best possible support when you call us or email us to report a problem. Since we try very hard to make a difference, when you contact Celitek Solutions Support, you will get through to one of our employees and you will find us willing and able to resolve your problem.


Preventive Maintenance:

Yes, as every electronic piece of equipment, CCTV Security Systems also require maintenance and tuning to be able to identify and correct malfunctioning of equipment on time. This is what assures a prolonged lifecycle of the equipment. At Celitek Solutions, we are very reasonable when it comes to our maintenance contracts. Feel free to contact us for a quote.


Repair Service:

Whether you are looking to get support on an existing system provided by us or another provider, our repair service is exactly the same. Our technicians put their best interest in solving the problem and making the appropriate recommendations to ensure customer satisfaction.


Fast Response:

Whether you are looking to perform a new installation or get support on an existing system, we put our best effort to provide the fastest response to your call or email.